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Our parent company, AF Training Solutions, was founded in 2008. Since then, we’ve grown into one of the largest personal training and coaching organizations in the country. Currently, we operate the fitness departments for about 100 health clubs across the United States. 

As an organization, we have always had two main areas of focus; the customer experience and company culture. Over the years, we have invested heavily in people, process, and technology to ensure that our customer experience is second to none.  Internally, we focus on continuing education for our staff, team building, productive oversight, mentorship programs, internships, etc. to help make sure that everyone on our team is put in the best position to succeed. Like any good organization, we are always looking for ways to get better, but we are excited about how far we have come, and we are excited about the future.


Speaking of the future. We were one of the first in the industry to offer a fully remote Fitness Consultation. We have been offering the remote consultation to our health club members for quite a while now and we have seen tremendous success. Our fitness and nutrition coaches have been on our team for years, and our internal quality control measures ensure that our service to our customers meets our rigorous standards. 

Individualized Science based Fitness and Nutrition programs

Wallace Wells, B.S.
Wallace Wells, B.S.

Wallace Wells, B.S. in Clinical Exercise Physiology, M.S. in Exercise Physiology, Doctoral Candidate in Biophysics and Physiology, & ACMS CPT.


Wallace Wells is our Director of Fitness Testing and Programming. He is the leader of the Remote Coaching Program. In addition to coaching his own clients, Wallace also reviews every program we create for our clients to ensure that they are receiving the best programming possible. As part of his continuing education, Wallace also is a part-time college professor teaching graduate courses to master’s degree students in Exercise Science.

We do not have cookie cutter programs. Instead, each program is designed around you and your specific goals. Obviously, factors such as your schedule, whether you work out at home or the gym, your current fitness level, workout history, etc. are considered. We do build our programs around what we call the three pillars of fitness: Strength Training, Nutrition, and Cardio. On the exercise side of the equation, we believe that Strength Training should be the foundation of and good exercise program.

We all know that good nutrition is vital to good health. We believe that there are four components to good nutrition


  • Good nutrition properly controls energy balance

  • Good nutrition provides nutrient density

  • Good nutrition achieves health, body composition, and performance goals

  • Good nutrition is honest and outcome-based

We offer both habit-based and macro-based programs and will help you decide which approach is best for you.  The program that works best for you will be the one that you can consistently adhere to.  Gimmicks and quick fixes are not what we do, Period.

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