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Remote Coaching

12 Month Program

Remote Coaching (Exercise Programming, Nutrition, TrueCoach)

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Remote Coaching

6 Month Program

Remote Coaching (Exercise programming, Nutrition, TrueCoach)


Remote Coaching

Three Month Paid in Full

Remote Coaching (Exercise Programming, Nutrition, TrueCoach)



FREE Fitness Consultation

  • Discuss your specific circumstances

  • Review Fitness + Nutrition program, Q & A

  • Video Conference + presentation

Intro Call with your Coach + Download the app

  • Meet and greet via zoom

  • Review your goals, preferred schedule, fitness history

  • Create the framework of the first phase of your fitness program

  • Overview of the app

Review phase one of your exercise program

  • Review your custom exercise program

  • The program will be laid out in your app

  • Detailed exercises with instructional videos

  • All your specific exercises for the day will be loaded onto your calendar within the app

Nutrition Consultation

  • Video conference call with our Head Nutrition Coach

  • Review your goals, past experiences, discuss what type of approach works best for you, Q & A

Review Nutrition Plan

  • Video conference to review your custom plan

  • The plan is housed in your app

  • Typically, the plans are either a habit-based approach or a macro-based approach

  • Prepare you for the first 30 days of your nutrition plan

Wallace Wells, B.S.

Director of Fitness Testing and Programming

Wallace Wells


Clinical Exercise Physiology, M.S. in Exercise Physiology, Doctoral Candidate in Biophysics and Physiology, & ACMS CPT.

Stephanie Rossler, B.S. 

Head Nutrition Coach

Stephanie Rossler, MS, RD

Master of Science in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified


"Working with Coach Wallace has helped me accomplish something on my bucket list that I really wasn't sure I would ever have the confidence in my health and fitness to take on, which was to climb Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Coach Wallace assured me that with consistency comes success, that learning to become comfortable being uncomfortable and making my health and fitness a priority would open up a doors to things I hadn't thought possible. I'm thankful for AF Training and Coach Wallace for making my dreams a reality!"

Morgan Bradley

Our Technology 

As we have already stated, our highly qualified coaches and the coach/client relationships are the driving force behind our success. However, technology is the glue that allows everything to stay connected.  In addition to the video conference calls, phone calls, text messages, and emails is our AFT Coaching app powered by True Coach. 

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Our Program

Our program is centered around the coach/client relationship. We built this program from an in-person personal training perspective because that is what we have been doing for well over a decade in hundreds of health clubs across the country. We are not a technology company; we are a training and coaching company.


The most commonly asked questions about our fitness training and nutrition plans. 


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