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The Hub for All Your Fitness and Nutrition Needs

Our highly qualified coaches and the coach/client relationships are the driving force behind our success. However, technology is the glue that allows everything to stay connected.

Communication That Works for You

Thanks to TrueCoach, our app provides you the ability to communicate in whatever way is best for you and your trainer — all from right inside the app.

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This incredibly user-friendly app is your hub for your workout programs, nutrition programs, interactions with your coach, all progress data, and countless other tools to help you succeed.

Customized Plans
  • Daily workout plan will include how-to videos and various other valuable instructions

  • On each day, you will have your specific workout planned out

  • Your nutrition program will be housed in the app and it can sync with other apps such as MyFitnessPal if that is part of your plan

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Real Time Communication
  • You can message your coach in real time!

  • Choose your own way of communication– video call, phone call, email, or text.

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Progress Tracking
  • You will have your monthly calendar on your app with your workout schedule

  • Your coach will be able to view whether or not you completed your plan that day, what weight did you use, or any other relevant metric

  • All your data, photos, etc. are housed in the app

Experience Our Technology

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