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Accomplish Your Goals with Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Our Approach

Fitness and Nutrition: An Approach That Promotes Sustainable Change

Being healthy requires more than just going to the gym; it requires intentional action in other facets of life—especially nutrition. 

At AFT Coaching, we build personalized plans that work with your lifestyle to improve your fitness and nutrition—so you get the results you deserve and avoid more quick fixes. 

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Good nutrition is honest and outcome-based.

Good nutrition properly controls energy balance.

Good nutrition provides nutrient density.

Good nutrition achieves health, body composition, and performance goals.

Plan Offerings

Plans Designed with You in Mind

We built our programs to make it easy for you to receive 1:1 support on your fitness journey.

All of our plans come with the following features to make your experience more enjoyable.

Flexible Training Options

Communicate and train wherever you’re comfortable. At home or at the gym, you'll receive constant guidance from your coach and instructional videos in our TrueCoach app.

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Nutrition Guidance

Our coaches curate customized habit- or macro- based plans that align with your lifestyle.

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Fitness Instruction

Our coaches build a detailed workout schedule with instructional videos that will help you achieve your health goals in no time. 

Progress Tracking

Stay on top of your goals with regular check-ins from your coaches and support from our online community of like-minded individuals.

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Sample Plans

Plans Curated Based on Your Lifestyle and Goals

You will work with your coach to build a program that fits your lifestyle and fitness desires. Your plan will consist of various workouts curated with your goals in mind and will live right in the TrueCoach app. 


Scroll through for some of our sample plans and purchase yours today.

App Features

Plans That Offer a Hub for

All Your Fitness and Nutrition Needs

Each plan is housed in TrueCoach, a user-friendly app that is the hub for your workout programs, nutrition programs, interactions with your coach, all progress data, and countless other tools to help you succeed.

Daily Instruction 
Real Time Communication
Progress Tracking
  • Daily workout plan include how-to videos and various other valuable instructions.

  • Specific workouts are planned out for each day.

  • Your nutrition program is housed in the app and it can sync with other apps such as MyFitnessPal if that is part of your plan.

  • You can message your coach in real time!

  • Choose your own way of communication–video call, phone call, email, or text.

  • Your monthly calendar on your app holds your workout schedule.

  • Your coach can view whether or not you completed your plan that day, what weight did you use, or any other relevant metric.

  • All your data, photos, etc. are housed in the app.


Plans for Different Financial and Fitness Needs

We offer a choice of two plans with differing durations and price points. 

Take a look to see which plan best fits your lifestyle.

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Our plan with the most value! The best choice for those who want to improve their overall health and fitness

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