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Transform Your Workouts Into a Lifestyle for $19/Month


*Subscription is $19/Month after a one-time $30 Set Up Fee

Accomplish Your Goals With a Personalized Action Plan

The hardest part of an individual’s fitness journey is turning workouts from obligations into a lifestyle. AFT’s Action Plan Program (APP) makes this transition seamless. 

APP is your gym companion, providing everything you need to ramp up your workouts more smoothly and confidently than you would on your own.

Our Program is Designed with You in Mind

Our program is designed to make it easy for you to receive 1:1 support on your fitness journey. Here’s how our Action Plan Program increases your confidence and effectiveness at the gym.

Affordable Expertise

With APP, passionate health enthusiasts who hold advanced degrees in fitness and nutrition oversee your personalized action plan. Get all of the knowledge and expertise of traditional personal training, at a fraction of  the cost.

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Personalized Programming

No two individuals' goals look alike, and neither should their fitness plans. APP is not just a collection of pre-made workouts and videos—our professional trainers build science-based plans that proactively lay the foundation for each following month and consider your limitations, health history, goals, and preferences.

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Intentional Instruction

APP builds momentum, mindfulness, and intentionality from the start that translates into long-lasting form and fitness. Keep up your motivation and leave behind the frustrating guesswork that comes with figuring out what works for you.

Plans Curated Based on Your Lifestyle and Goals

Your plans are science-based, with each month built in a way that lays the foundation for the next. It all starts in month one, where your coach considers your nutrition, limitations, health history, goals, and preferences to build you a personalized action plan.

Each month after, your coach will add workouts based on your experience and progress to help you get into the habit of working out. 

Scroll through for some of our sample plan workouts and subscribe today.

A Hub for All Your Fitness Needs

Your plan is housed in TrueCoach, a user-friendly app that is the hub for your workouts, progress, and countless other tools to help you succeed.

Daily Plans 
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Instructional Videos
Progress Tracking
  • Easily access your daily workouts.

  • See the specific workouts that are planned for each day. 

  • View your workout schedule via the monthly calendar on your app.

  • Perfect your form with the how-to videos and other valuable instructions included with your plan.

  • Record and send videos to your coaches to get feedback on your form. 

  • Keep track of your weight, goals, and other health metrics right in app so both you and your coach know how you're doing.

  • Have your coach can keep track of what exercises you did, and didn't, do, as well as whether you're doing it properly.

  • Store all of your health & fitness data, workout photos, and more right in the app.

The Perks of Traditional Personal Training at a 
Fraction of the Cost

We offer a choice of two plans with differing durations and price points. 

Take a look to see which plan best fits your lifestyle.

For Just $19/Month, You Get: 


  • A personalized Action Plan built by a coach who knows your experience and goals.

  • Everything you need to ramp up your workouts more smoothly and confidently than you would on your own.

  • A user-friendly app that makes your wellness journey easier by acting as the hub for all your fitness and workout information.  

Your One-Time $30 Set Up Fee Gives You:

  • Access to the TrueCoach App.

  • A live call with one of our certified coaches to set up your plan, set your goals, and go over nutrition and wellness. 

  • Access to our personalized fitness quiz that you and your coach will use to curate the most effective plan. 

*Subscription is $19/Month after a one-time $30 Set Up Fee
This program is an auto-renew program. The program can be canceled with a 30-day notice at any time by emailing


Billed Monthly

After one-time $30 Set-Up Fee

Meet Your Fitness Professionals

Our plans aren’t designed by algorithms. Our plans are science-based and are overseen by fitness and nutrition professionals who understand your goals. Meet your coaches below!

Director of Fitness Testing and Programming

Wallace Wells

Wallace Wells, B.S. in Clinical Exercise Physiology, M.S. in Exercise Physiology, Doctoral Candidate in Biophysics and Physiology, & ACMS CPT. Wallace Wells is our Director of Fitness Testing and Programming. He is the leader of the Remote Coaching Program. In addition to coaching his own clients, Wallace also reviews every program we create for our clients to ensure that they are receiving the best programming possible. As part of his continuing education, Wallace also is a part-time college professor teaching graduate courses to master’s degree students in Exercise Science.

Amy Erwin, B.S. Kinesiology, Exercise Science and Family Consumer Science & ISSA CPT, is one of our Remote Fitness Coaches who develops client fitness strategies so they may achieve better results. Amy is an ISSA-certified in nutrition, strength and conditioning, fitness, and elite training; and is passionate about utilizing fitness as a catalyst for human development. Amy enjoys various fitness and outdoor activities, from strength training to paddle boarding. Throughout her 11+ years as a fitness coach and 3 years as a remote fitness coach Amy has worked with clients of all ages and fitness levels. Amy specializes in resistance training, flexibility and balance, lifestyle change, senior fitness, corrective exercise and prenatal/postpartum fitness.

Remote Fitness Coach

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Amy Erwin

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