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Let’s face it, technology these days is amazing. In our industry, that is especially true. Of course, we have all the latest technological bells and whistles embedded in our program. We will review that shortly. However, our program is centered around the coach/client relationship. We built this program from an in-person personal training perspective because that is what we have been doing for well over a decade in hundreds of health clubs across the country. We are not a technology company; we are a training and coaching company.


With our program, you are assigned one coach.Your coach will work in concert with you to build your fitness program around your specific circumstances. Home-based, gym-based, sport specific, busy schedule, short term goals, long term goals, etc. No matter what your situation and circumstances are, we can build you your specific program.


In the beginning, your coach will build you your program, review your program with you, and provide detailed instructions on how to implement the program. Every week, your coach will review your program and track your progress, adherence, and review feedback from you. Your program will grow and evolve with you so that you are always moving forward towards your goals. You and your coach will decide on your communication schedule and preferences, but it typically involves a combination of emails, texts, phone calls, and zoom meetings. Our app also allows you to upload videos of yourself so that your coach can review your technique, etc. if needed.


In addition to having your own coach working with you all throughout your fitness program, you will also have your own nutrition coach. Once you sign up, you’ll complete an initial questionnaire with some general information. Once your nutrition coach reviews it, you will then have a consultation via zoom so that we can get a more thorough understanding of your goals and help determine which approach is right for you. The majority of our clients fall into two categories in regard to which type of nutrition program works for them; habit-based and macro based (daily calorie, protein, carbs, fats goals). As with the fitness coaching, you will have periodic nutrition check-ins, adjustments based on your progress and feedback, online community of support, and various other processes in place to help you succeed.


All of the above sounds great, right? However, here is the secret sauce to your success…Consistent Adherence! We will provide you will all of the technological tools, professional guidance and accountability, motivation, and education.  But, at the end of the day, you are the one that must put in the work.  There are no gimmicks or quick fixes to be found in our program.

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